Capabilities | PCB Assembly

We can do assembly of printed circuit boards (PCB) of through-hole technology (THT), 2 sided SMT and THD assembly, surface mount technology (SMT) or a combination.
We have in house facilities for prototype PCB assembly, low to medium volume PCB assembly and high volume PCB assembly. If you are looking for PCB assembly and manufacturing sub-contractors please contact our PCB assembly Sales team for more details.
At Cirtronix we do full Turn-Key and partial Turn-Key PCB Assembly Services.
In Full Turn-Key, Apart from making printed circuit boards, sourcing components, quality inspection and final assembly. In partial Turn-Key, you can order the PCBs and partial components; we will fix the remaining parts for you.

PCB Assembly Capabilities

SMT & Through-hole
High Speed Placement
BGA and Micro-BGA Capabilities
Fine Pitch
0201&0402 Component Placement
Optimized Reflow Profiling
Turnkey or Consigned Kits
Press Fit Connectors
Quick-Turn Assemblies
Quick Protopying
Production Quantities w/Scheduled
High Volume Production
Double-Sided SMT
IPC-A-610 Class III Certified
Strict ESD Control
Mechanical Assembly and Box Build assembly
Work Closely w/In-House Design Team on DFM and DFT Issues
Cable & Harness Assembly
Functional Testing

PCBA Reliability

Functional testing verifies board operation and behavior. Responses are monitored at specific points to ensure the board operates correctly. An engineer usually specs the test and the OEM defines test procedures. This test is best at detecting wrong component values, and functional and parametric failures.
If a PCB project is limited to a prototype, Cirtronix will likely rely on a basic flying probe or power-up test. However, if a particular PCB is mature and has a long product life, and has been designed for a highly reliable Design For Testability (DFT) system, the OEM will probably pay for testing fixture cost. Each testing stage finds failures, but Printed Circuit Boards that pass the final test are sure to work properly.

Prototype PCB Assembly

Reducing time-to-market with Cirtronix' rapid prototype services is an important value-added step. Highly trained engineers and manufacturing person oversee prototype assembly to ensure design specification conformance prior to the start of production.
At prototype stage, flexibility to do machine loading versus hand loading is important. That’s because the project may deal with small quantities involving moderate technology. Hence, it may be easier and faster to hand load the project.

Production PCB Assembly

At the stage of production PCB assembly , Design-for-Test (DFT) and Design-for Manufacturability(DFM) is critical. Making sure documentation is current, determining test procedure and assuring that troubleshooting guidelines are well-documented among others.
Cirtronix manufactures high quality, complex products with high volume production sizes. 
We know how to use technologies that meet individual customer needs. Advanced electronic manufacturing capabilities using leading-edge packaging such as fine pitch components, micro-ball grid array (micro BGA) and 0201s, enable customers to access new technologies that are essential to maintaining a competitive edge.